The path to parenthood
With a Touch of Dutch Magic

Because the best gift you can give your child is a good start to life. 

Tiny Expat is built with the passion for babies.  It is an harmonious blend of Dutch culture and expat support. 

Pregnancy and birth are universal experiences. Yet, when you’re an expat navigating these moments in a foreign country, the journey can be anything but predictable; why is it expected to do it all on your own?  

If you get married you can hire a wedding planner, buying a house you can have help from an estate agent, so why not get support with your family planning. 

The Essence of Tiny Expat 

When you start/move a family to a new country you leave your culture and support network behind. Tiny Expat helps you build a new one.  

We have  your village for you. Becoming part of Tiny Expat means you end the hours online, trying to find information or the service you need. You have access to everything you didn’t even know you needed. You get access to apps, activities, medical support and a wide network of big and small businesses.   

You can book a meeting with your own personal Family Planner and get a all inclusive offer to suit your needs. 

Alternatively, you can pay a one off payment of 20 euros and have access to the Tiny Expat App  for 6 months.   

The team is based both online and in many big cities around North and South Holland. It is constantly building, growing and evolving. 

Tiny Expat isn’t just a service; it’s a testament to the hard working community of supportive professionals who work from the heart for one goal. Best start for the next generation in the Netherlands.  Let’s embrace the Dutch magic together!

Tiny Expat is here to guide you every step of the way. Dive into your new live as Parents in the Netherlands. 


Sharing Knowledge

Tiny Expat is also an inclusive community for professionals, where learning from each other and knowing each other, improves our services to you.

Mutual Respect and Understanding

Dutch medical staff and companies help to break down language and cultural barriers by working with Tiny Expat. 

Hi, I am Dawn, an English Dutchie with a passion for a good start for New-Borns

Years ago, I moved from England to Holland, following my heart, my Dutch husband.

From working in a care home to my transformation into a “kraamzorg” – a maternity nurse – I’ve experienced first hand the beauty and challenges of birthing in the Dutch culture.

I’ve been blessed to support women during home births and their first week with a new-born. 

Yet, having two distinct birthing experiences myself, I realized the significance of having the right support.

When the inevitable exclamations of “I did not know that…” or “Why do the Dutch do this?” echo from new parents, I can’t help but reminisce about my early days as a mum.

 The support and paperwork provided by the midwives, if you’re fortunate, might be in English. But did you know about the expansive universe of expat professionals and support groups out there? Those who truly comprehend the essence of being an expat in Holland?

Certified as NewBorn babymassage teacher, Maternity nurse from 2019. 
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